“On the Town” Wins Mancini Awards

Hopewell High School students Ryan Vander Wagen and Jade Mitchell perform a scene from their production of “On The Town” at the annual Henry Mancini Musical Theatre Awards at Geneva College on Wednesday, May 12, 2010.

The Times ran a great article about the Mancini Awards, check out the photo above and the exert from Hopewell’s winners below!

Next up was Hopewell High, with a performance from “On the Town” that made spectators gasp then applaud loudly, as Jade Mitchell, a senior, dangled delicately and gracefully, nearly upside down, while held high above the head of Ryan Vander Wagen.

One of three winners in the “outstanding male lead” category, Vander Wagen had done extra weight-lifting to prepare for that scene, said Mitchell, who described performing at the Mancini Awards as “thrilling, but there’s a lot of pressure.”

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